Comet stack in mono
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Comet stack in mono

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if I'm lucky tomorrow I'll be able to capture comet C/2017 K2 as it passes M10. Can I also capture here with a mono in RGB, and then stack that? Since the comet is moving, I have concerns here. I have only ever captured comets with an OSC. So it would be the first time with a mono.

In such a case, does it make sense to always record in R, G, B, R, G, B, R, G, B, etc.? Usually I always record several shots from one filter, but here I would have to switch through the RGB filters, wouldn't I?

Or can I easily take 10 x 60 sec. red, 10 x 60 sec. green, 10 x 60 sec. blue?

Or better 1 x 60 sec. red, 1 x 60 sec. green, 1 x 60 sec. blue and start again?

What makes sense here so that APP gets a good image from all the data?

Thank you!

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I think that's possible, however it will depend on the relative movement the comet has in your FOV. That will dictate how much it moves in between shots. If you're able to calculate that speed (or if it's known) and calculate how fast it moves over your pixels, it can tell you if that's possible or that you get misalignment on the comet itself. Wouter has notified Mabula so if he answers he may have some idea about it as well.

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I tried to shoot comet c/2022 E3 ZTF in mono last night. I registered them in the comet mode. However I can not normalize the LRGB files so I can't open them in combine RGB. Is there a solution?