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Normalization failing when trying to stack two integrations  


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June 17, 2020 01:35  


Before i sold my Qhy163c, i took a data set of the Iris nebula. I took 2 data sets (hundreds of subs) and stacked them both together in a single integration. I then sold the camera, and have since borrowed a friend's CCD, a Qhy9m. I took a data set with it and made a stack, but when i try to stack the 2 stacks together, it fails at Normalization. 

I've tried all different settings, Regular and Advanced, and even setting the method to None, which i assumed would skip Normalization altogether and let me progress to Integration, but it still fails. 

I've attached links to the 2 stacks below. Assuming i'm not doing something stupid, i hope it helps identify a bug of some sort. 

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June 18, 2020 12:37  

Hi there, yes that is going to be improved, but for now it's not possible to normalize narrowband data with broadband data, one is mono and the other is well.. broadband. 🙂 So you need to process those two independant of each other (you can for instance split the RGB channels and then load those in again and process).