Video tutorials

Video Tutorials by Christian Sasse ( & Mabula Haverkamp

Complete LRGB Tutorial of NGC292, The Small Magellanic Cloud

This tutorial consists of 9 parts and is a complete tutorial from loading the raw filter data to a final LRGB color image ready for publication and includes all processed data available for download.

Video Tutorials by Mabula Haverkamp

Mosaic Tutorial – Milky Way to Rho Ophiuchi part 1-7 by Mabula

Fully Automatic Multi-Channel Processing in Astro Pixel Processor by Mabula

How to correct vignettting by Mabula

A DSLR data calibration workflow by Mabula

Registration, normalization & integration using DDC, LNC & MBB by Mabula

Post-processing, background and star color correction by Mabula

LHaRGB The Whirlpool Galaxy – pre & post processing by Mabula

Data calibration and integration – The Pelican Nebula by Mabula

How to create a multi-channel mosaic by Mabula

Video Tutorials by Diego Colonnello:

Dark Wolf – Blend Hydrogen-alpha with RGB data in Astro Pixel Processor

Video Tutorials by Sara Wager

Getting started with Astro Pixel Processor by Sara Wager

How to register one image to another by Sara Wager

How to create a mosaic in easy steps by Sara Wager

How to create a Bad Pixel Map (BPM) by Sara Wager

How to create an integrated stack of data by Sara Wager

Creating master calibration frames by Sara Wager