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Error when stacking from different cameras on normalization

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I am getting the attached error when I try to stack images from a DSLR and from a mono astro camera. I've stacked different cameras before, but this is stopping me now. It seem to fail on normalizing. I've unchecked same camera and optics and set the scale to 15 to try to get around this, and I've saved the normalized frames and tried to go that way, again to have it fail on me. I can stack the different cameras separately, but I want to combine them since one set is RGB and the other is NB stuff.



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Color and mono don't mix when stacking together. We want to make this more clear in the workflow, but you need to split the channels of the RGB DSLR data in tab 2 (all the way down "split channels"). Load in those, now mono, images into a new APP session, together with the mono data you already had and you can proceed.