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31 July 2020 - Comet Registration video tutorial using APP 1.083-beta1 released.

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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.054  


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August 24, 2017 15:17  

Astro Pixel Processor 1.054

  • FIXED, UPGRADED, 2-view registration module, RANSAC, Best Registration Hypothesis. I have done extensive testing on different datasets to ensure that APP has now very robust registration with default settings for lots of different and difficult registration tasks. A lot of technical details are upgraded, extended, added in these modules to ensure robust registration
  • UPGRADE, Mosaic registration, the mosaic algorithms for the projective registration model and same camera and optics disabled are completely rewritten. The algorithms are much faster and much more robust now! Initial tests show that 40+ panel mosaics can now be registered without errors and with RMS registration errors lower than 0.5 pixel for the whole mosaic. Images below show a 30 panel widefield (50mm focal length) mosaic (data courtesy of Scott Rosen) that is registered with a precision of 0,2 pixel for the whole mosaic. First image is integration without LNC + MBB, second is with LNC 4th degree 1 iteration and MBB at 30%. Beta team member Kees Scherer tested the new algorithm on a 70 panel H-alpha mosaic with a RMS error of only 0.1 pixel for the whole 70 panel mosaic (550mm focal length) which is shown in the third image. The mosaic algorithms for same camera and optics enabled and the calibrated projective model (needed for short focal lengths) will most likely be upgraded in the next APP version.
Cygnus 70 panel 63.75ht Ha St avg 229500.0s NR x 0.5 LZ3 NS full eq add sc BWMV nor AA RL MBB5 4thLNC it3 Histo Curve OK small
St avg 15346.0s NR x 0.5 LZ3 NS full eq add sc BWMV nor AA RL MBB30 4thLNC it1  0degCW 0.2x CBS NS St
St avg 15346.0s NR x 0.3 LZ3 NS full eq add sc BWMV nor AA RL noMBB  0degCW 0.33x CBS NS St
  • FIXED, general image saver, while saving a file, the file name isn't allowed to have characters like, a space, : , komma , ,  a forward slash /. Certain characters aren't allowed on certain operating systems. If such a character is encountered, then it is replaced by a "_";
  • FIXED, saving a camera profile with optical distortion parameters was not possible on Linux. Now, if you save a camera profile, a file "APP-cameraProfiles.txt" is saved in your Operating System's user directory. This ensures that the profiles can be saved and read on each platform where APP is used.
  • ADDED, console panel, each line or block of text that is added to the console has a time stamp to begin with.
  • FIXED, rotate tool bug reported by Susan
  • FIXED, caught error and fixed Error: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 in 3) ANALYSE STARS. Error occured when kappa detect above noise level was set to 1 or 2 and clip star profile was lower than 0.1 and/or filter star profile was enabled.
  • FIXED, caught error and fixed Error: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 in the RemoveNearByStarsWorker in 3) ANALYSE STARS
  • ADDED, APP makes a short sound when a process completes with the option to enable/disable in the CFG menu. Usefull to know that APP finished with a task, while working on something else on your computer.
  • SPEED IMPROVEMENT, LNC will now simultaneously read/analyse and apply/write if the integration field of view in 32bits pixels fits easily into memory. This will gives a speed boost of around 10-40 % depending on the hardware configuration (mostly the number of CPUs and the Read/Write speeds of the harddisk). SSD drives will benefit more than conventional HDDs. If you work on a conventional HDD you will be limited mostly by the read/write speed of that disk.
  • FIXED, saving of registered frames, if some frames weren't succesfully registered, the saving would stop at the first frame that couldn't be registered. Now the saving continues with the next frame that was succesfully registered. Console output is added as well for this module.
  • FIXED, saving of normalized frames, if some frames weren't succesfully registered/normalized, the saving would stop at the first frame that couldn't be registered/normalized. Now the saving continues with the next frame that was succesfully registered/normalized. Console output is added as well for this module.
  • ADDED, frame list panel, if registration and/or normalization fails for a frame, "FAILED" is added after the REG, NORM labels in the frame column  of the frame list panel and the entire row will be orange or red. The user can now see quickly that a frame has a problem.
  • ADDED, frame list panel, the reference frame will be shown in inverted colors so it's easily found in the list.
  • FIXED, general image saver, a null pointer could pop-up in the general image saver, especially when saving small frames. The progressmonitor didn't have time to pop-up so was nullified before creation.
  • FIXED, preview filter, layout cosmetic change, zoom in/out buttons have equal size now.
  • FIXED and ADDED, preview filter, I have removed the tooltips on the sliders and buttons and replaced it with one single button with a "?". If you click on the question mark, a separate window will open with extensive instructions on how to use the many functions of the preview filter. I hope this answers many questions and will help everyone to get the most out of their data. The tooltips on the sliders were a bit annoying so this should improve the overall user experience. Furthermore, if you were stretching on 32bits data, the Black, White, DDP strength, DDP base and DDP contrast sliders were having quite an impact on cpu usage when the sliders were moved. This is because the slider are dynamic. I have made the adjustment that these 5 sliders will be zoomed-in once to start with, so the cpu usage will me much less when you use the slider. In most cases you want to zoom-in once or twice probably to do nice fine-tuning of the stretch parameters, so this change should improve user experience as well.
APP PreviewFilterInstructions
  • FIXED, ADDED, Canon CR2 Raw Converter, Canon EOS (Kiss) models from JAPAN, these cameras are known as EOS Rebel models from America and in Europe, these have 3/4 digit model numbers. For instance, the EOS 100D, is also known as Rebel SL1 or Kiss X7. Full support added for Kiss Digital N, Kiss Digital X, Kiss X2, Kiss X3, Kiss X4, Kiss X5, Kiss X7, Kiss X6i, Kiss X7i, Kiss X8I, 8000D, Kiss F, Kiss X50, X70, X80
  • FIXED, calibrate background TIFF support, calibrate background values are added to TIFF header when saving as a TIFF file so the TIFF file can be used properly in the calibrate star colors tool. If you save the calibrated background frame as a TIFF, you are forced to save it in the same bitdepth as the original frame, otherwise the stored calibrated background values don't match the data.
app Tiff BGvals
  • FIXED, star color calibration tool, blue channel wasn't calibrated properly.
  • FIXED and ADDED, tooltips control panel tabs 0) to 6), all buttons, sliders now have corrected/updated/new tooltips, some with extensive explanation on the function like what does LNC?
app tooltipsUpgrade