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Mosaic artifacts

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I've been using APP since it first came out with very few issues. However, I've had more issues combining mosaics with this most recent version than all of my previous issues combined.

I am collecting data for a 8-panel orion mosaic. I've tried processing it several times, and each time APP creates strange artifacts, like the one in the attached image.  Each time it appears in a different frame. If you look in the corner of the image you'll see the issue.

I've looked at the subframes and the look fine.  I'm not sure what the issue is. 

Any suggestions?

Orion TRIAD 230mm Panels 1 8 01.27.2022 session 1 2 lpc cbg


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@sj_chavez What artefact do you refer to exactly? The lighter, vertical band at the center of the image? Or is there something else? What settings did you use exactly in APP to get this result?