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19 June 2021: Our upload server has been migrated successfully to our new office with higher upload and download speeds (nearly 10MByte/sec up/down ) ! We now have 1 general upload user called: upload with password: upload. The users upload1 - upload5 have been disabled.

31 May 2021: APP 1.083-beta2 has been released ! APP 1.083 stable will follow soon afterwards. It includes a completely new Star Reducer Tool, New File Saver Module, Improved Comet registration and much more, check the release notes here!

DOWNLOADS are available HERE!


Saving Projects  

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Brown Dwarf Customer
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January 27, 2021 00:27  
Posted by: @mikefulbF.

Same boat here using APP for my large ongoing projects is just a hassle without better support for projects.  I would like to use APP instead of my other solutions as I think some of the fundamental algorithms are the best but the stacked quality difference isn't great enough to put up with the lack of "quality of life" features reasonably expected in modern software.  It is unacceptable you can't quit working on a project and just save state and come back later and load everything back to where you were before.  Even DSS had this back in 2007.

Same here. I love the immediacy of the APP workflow and the quality of its results are excellent. However, all of my projects span multiple weeks. Not being able to go back to a previous integration, add new frames, and know my settings will be the same makes it unusable. I've given up using APP for anything other than quick test integrations leaving everything on default, as otherwise there is no way I can remember what settings I've used. I'm working on getting another solution in place before my licence needs renewing this spring.

Universe Admin
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January 27, 2021 18:38  

Hi all,

As the main developer of APP, I constantly need to prioritize certain tasks. The request of save/load projects and settings has been on my list for a long time, so are many other requests, like fully automatic comet processing for instance.

Now to make it completely clear to everyone, APP 1.083 stable (which is coming!) will have the comet processing feature, a new star reducer tool, and updates of the other tools.

APP 1.084 will be a rather special version in which we will upgrade APP to a more modern development platform (GraalVM and possibly with native executable code). This is needed for several reasons, one of which is the big changes that Apple is making in the latest MacOS versions and their new M1 hardware. This is by far the highest priority at the moment.

Now for APP 1.085 I will make the commitment here, that this version will be completely prioritized for the project and settings save & load functionality.

Please accept my apologies to keep you waiting for so long for this functionality. I hope you can all bear with me until 1.085 is there 😉


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Brown Dwarf Customer
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January 27, 2021 18:52  

Thanks for the update Mabula, and for understanding our frustrations. I appreciate it’s always difficult to balance the needs of a diverse user base.

That timeline sounds great. Thank you. I’d love to keep APP in my workflow!


White Dwarf Customer
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January 27, 2021 21:36  


White Dwarf Customer
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June 7, 2021 05:09  

Awesome news Mabula - like others I concur that, while having new ways to process data would be great - that's what I own tools like PixInsight and Photoshop for - most of the time I do everything I need inside APP though because I'm not talented enough to process my images to perfection.

Like others, I feel I spend way too much time trying to organise and manage the integration of my data and projects in APP only to have to redo it all again when I start my next integration. - fine tuning my Combine RGB settings, adding and removing boxes for background calibration etc, even simply telling APP where to find the data and keep the Masters for that project.

The hours it saves would be a huge productivity boost, time that can be given back to fine tuning and experimenting with features that today I am too scared to touch because I can never remember what I did from one session to the next. 

Having said that, totally understand the need to move to a new development platform and how painful and time consuming that can be - I think many of us look forward to M1 support however if I had my choice, I would prefer Projects before the platform, then maybe while we're all off busy organising our projects you can quietly get on with re-platforming the world's best Astro Processing tool!

But I also wonder, are the two features related, I can imagine that perhaps the current platform does not allow easy saving of dialogs and settings, it seems to barely co-exist with the native Mac Finder for example - so perhaps APP needs to be re-platformed before it can do what it needs to do (btw - please make sure whatever you choose supports network shares/file servers - NONE of my raw dat lives on my local computer!).

Take care everyone!

Molecular Cloud Customer
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September 3, 2021 22:05  

I'm new to APP.  In the short time that I have tried this, I have been totally awed and blown away by how good this software is.  In so many ways I have thought that this is exactly what I have been looking for for processing Astro Pics.  This SW is absolutely terrific!  But at this same time, I am completely mystified by the development choices made.  I am a retired SW developer.  I worked for both Intel and Microsoft.  I have to say that in my entire very long career, I don't remember ever releasing, even an Alpha, that didn't have some way to save a project, before exiting the application, and then reloading it when restarting the application.  It seems incomprehensible to me that a developer would work on features such as comet processing and star size reduction before working on saving and restoring project state.  Oh well, this tool is just too fantastic to leave for something else, and genius always has it's quirks.  The development priorities are Mabula's call, not mine. I'll just have to always take careful notes, and repeating the steps each time will help me learn the application better.


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