About Vincent

Hello dear Astro Pixel Processor users,

Vincent Groenewold
Vincent Groenewold officially joined the Astro Pixel Processor Team in October 2018.

My name is Vincent Groenewold. I’m a 43 year old ex-scientist in proteomics, with a great love for science in general and astrophysics in particular. This resulted in a far overdue start in the astrophotography hobby back in 2015.

Since then I advanced quickly from starting with the wrong gear and desktop computer in the cold garden, to a fully remote controlled system with my favorite telescope controlled from inside my house at the end of that same year. I also started to learn all about the software needed to both take the pictures and post-process them. With the release of Astro Pixel Processor (APP) I was suddenly doing mosaics like it was nothing and learned more about the scientific backgrounds to calibration, normalization etc. I am loving every bit of it, a perfect combination of all the things I like.

Since I started to like APP a lot and knowing Mabula a bit already, it became a natural fit to get to work for him. As a moderator with the potential to get into development as well, I’m hoping to contribute to the success of APP and helping all of you as much as possible.

Clear nights!