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Normalization error when integrating ASI294MC and ASI294MM data

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out my workflow for integrating data from the ASI294 OSC and monochrome cameras. My goal is to have RGB star colors with narrowband data, however I'm coming across an error during the normalization phase. I am creating separate sessions for the RGB, Ha, Oiii, and Sii and assigning the calibration frames to their respective filter sessions and I'm not forcing CFA Bayer as the RGGB matrix is already in the fits headers from what I have read so far is correct and I've selected the default adaptive airy disc algorithm supported bayer pattern, and everything is working well until about 56% into the normalization when I come across this error each time I've tried. Is normalization necessary in a workflow like this or should I be selecting a specific mode, method, or scale?

APP Normalization Error



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Combining Ha (or any narrowband data) with RGB data is not yet possible like that. You can load your RGB data and its calibration data, calibrate them and then save the the separate channels (R, G and B) as mono data, using the "split channels" option in tab 2, all the way down.

Now having mono R, G and B, you can proceed to load those in together with the Ha and proceed with making R, G, B and Ha integrations. These can then be combined in the RGBCombine tool.