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L Bin1 RGB Bin - how to?

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I would like to get a good and detailed base by using Bin 1 with L and to get a good color without too much time spending, I would like to add RGB taken with Bin2. As an example, I think about 100L in Bin1 and 50each Bin2 R,G,B...

With AAP, which I like very much, how to proceed? is there a tutorial somewhere or can someone of the experienced specialists list a set of to-do´s please?

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You can load those lights in and manually click on "analyse stars" in tab 3, then going to tab 4 and click the "set reference" button, after which you select a luminance frame with a good score to make sure APP picks a bin 1 frame. It might do that automatically, not 100% sure, but this is how to be sure and then APP matches the frames to that resolution.