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2023-03-15: APP 2.0.0-beta14 has been released !

IMPROVED FRAME LIST, sorting on column header click and you can move the columns now which will be preserved between restarts.


We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...


Astro Pixel Processor Windows 64-bit

Astro Pixel Processor macOS Intel 64-bit

Astro Pixel Processor macOS Apple M Silicon 64-bit

Astro Pixel Processor Linux DEB 64-bit

Astro Pixel Processor Linux RPM 64-bit

Loading Pre-Processed Image

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I'm trying to load in a pre-processed RAW TIFF image so I can do some more editing. How do I do this. I selected the Other/Processed tab but the image is not loading...

I see it at the bottom now, but I'm getting this error message after double clicking it.


DISREGARD...I got it. I had to change it from a 32-Bit to an 8-Bit. Haven't tried the 16-bit yet, but we're good!

Error message




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