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What am I doing to cause this pattern in my integations?

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I have had this happen several times. I always use APP to integrate and for some finishing in PI.

I have the worst problem with this for some reason in either S2 or O3, Ha tends to be fine.

the camera is an ASI1600mc using SGP, Gain139, OS50, 300s for all 3 filters. I use the Ha setting instead of airy disk because I intend to do SHO even though it's a OSC camera and choose "Force bayer CFA", is that the wrong way?

Asking for guidance because this has been bugging me for some time.

Grid pattern


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@lite2 What happens if you use Airy Disk for SII and OIII? Do you still get that pattern? Note that Ha-OIII extract Ha is intended to be used with dual band filters and certainly is not suited for OIII. For OIII you may try Ha-OIII extract OIII and see if that helps. If not then you should Airy Disk and then split the color channels manually. This can be done in tab 2. You should then combine the G and B channels for the OIII images into one mono image.