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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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HaRGB stacking

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Hello guys,

I have a 600D modified and have both RGB and Ha data taken from different filters. Can APP stack them if I add the Ha data and select them as Ha? 

Sorry if its bit of a nooby question. Only getting into adding narrowband to RGB.




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No problem, you can ask whatever question you'd like. 🙂

You can stack them indeed, but APP isn't able to fully go through the entire process because you want to combine 3-channel with 1-channel data. This will be possible in a future version.

For now, you can either load in the RGB data (the subs) add calibration data and then in tab 2, all the way down, there is an option called "split channels". First calibrate and then save the calibrated frames with split channels switched on. That will produce calibrated, R, G and B data. For the Ha-data you need the "Extract-Ha" algorithm in tab 0, if you select that and then load the Ha data, you'll have that immediately. I'd save that with calibration as well in tab 2 (switch off split channels). Then you can load this data in again as lights and assign them to R, G, B and Ha (APP does this automatically). No need for calibration data now anymore, so you can continue to integration. In the end you'll have integrated R, G, B and Ha data which you can combine in the RGBCombine tool.