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Master Calibration Frames for OSC Narrow Band Algorithms - Optolong L-eXtreme Filter use

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When I run pure Ha and Oiii algorithms on my OSC frames because of using the Optolong L-eXtreme filter, can I use the same master calibration frames from the first run of Ha for example when I do the second run for Oiii or should I have APP re-create the master calibration frames for each run when using the narrow band process to get to the calibrated light frames?  I'm not sure the Ha algorithm verses the Oiii algorithm has any impact on the calibration masters or just affects the calibrated lights?

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@j1will Hi John, APP will use exactly the same calibration frames so no need to create new ones. Simply run APP with the extract Ha algorithm selected in tab 0 and, when done, select extract OIII in tab 0 and return straight to tab 6 to click on the Integrate button and you’re set.