Just bought the own...

10th Feb 2020 - APP 1.076 beta 3 is available... check the release notes !

APP 1.076 beta 3 download links (Windows, MacOS, Linux RPM&DEB) are here (must be logged in !)

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Just bought the owner license - should I have waited?  


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September 15, 2019 05:17  


After some time messing around with APP on the trial license, I decided to buy it seeing what amazing potential this APP has! 😀

The moment after doing so I noticed the following message: "APP 1.075-beta4  - Release Notes - big update soon to be released" - Although very good news, does this mean that I soon will be required to upgrade my license at an added fee? Should I have waited until that release came out?...



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September 15, 2019 11:07  

I don't think so, especially since you bought it so close to that release. I'm not sure when the added fee for a big update will be required as that's the decision of Mabula, didn't here anything in that regard though so I don't think so.