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[Sticky] Astro Pixel Processor 1.075 - preparing next release....  


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Astro Pixel Processor 1.075

  • IMPROVED/UPGRADED, OPENGL IMAGE VIEWER, added GL 3 and GL4 support, the previous OpenGL implementation was only based on the OpenGL 2 interface. This interface is old and uses a so-called Fixed Function Pipeline. Some GPUs and drivers no longer support this specification by both hardware and software so on those computers, APP could not use OpenGL. APP has now been upgraded with both OpenGL3 and OpenGL4 support. These interfaces use the so-called Programmable Shader Pipeline, which is more low-level and better suited to be used with newer GPUs. So this upgrade should give better image viewer performance on a wide range computers depending on the installed graphical hardware and it's software drivers.

OpenGL upgrade GL3 GL4

  • FIXED, OSC/COLOR/BAYER CFA DATA CALIBRATION, multipe bugs were solved which manifested when you tried to calibrate data from a camera with a Bayer CFA sensor which has uneven dimensions. The issue was reported by a user of a CANON REBEL T7/1500D/KISS X90 camera. This camera has a sensor with uneven height. The bug fixes were also applied to all other image loaders (Sony, Nikon, Fits, Tiff, jpeg) and all modules that are related to Bayer CFA processing.
  • FIXED, CALIBRATION, making an artificial masterflat using the smooth model (last masterflat blur option) was not working. Now works. Please realise, that such a smooth masterflat will be based on a Kang-Weiss model. It does not correct dust, nor will it correct odd illumination patterns from for instance a OAG or a DLSR sensor chamber.
  • IMPROVED, APPLICATION SECURITY, several adjustments were made relating to application security, license activation and verification with our license server. Sometimes, when APP starts and communication with the license server is slow for whatever reason, application start-up time could suffer. The application is now first fully started, and license activation/verification is done when the user interface is already visible which should improve application start-up experience. Furthermore, deactivating an activated computer, using the top left LICENSE button, will no longer freeze the application until the de-activation is finished. All communication with our license server is now done on background threads.
  • FIXED, SORTING/ANALYTICAL GRAPH OF FRAMES AFTER STAR ANALYSIS, in APP 1.074(.1) the sorting function and analytical graph of the frames for star shape and quality did not work directly after star analysis. After registration, it did work. This is now fixed.

FIX StarAnalysis Sorting AnalyticalGraph


  • FIXED, INTEGRATION OF SINGLE FRAME DATA, if you would load 1 frame into APP then Integration would not complete, saying you need at least 2 frames to be able to make an integration. Now with the Multi-Channel/Session features, this no longer makes sense. So if you have only 1 frame per channel/session, APP will now still process and complete this task.
  • FIXED, NORMALIZATION using an unselected REFERENCE frame, APP would give an Error message: java.lang.Float cannot be cast to java.lang.Double if you start normalization with an unselected reference frame. This is now fixed. 
  • FIXED, RGB Combine luminance channel recognition, if you load a luminance channel into the RGB Combine tool it will now automatically recognize and suggest to assign it to Luminance.
  • FIXED, MacOS FREE HDD SPACE, as reported in this topic APP has a hard time to know the exact free HDD space available for an integration task due to the so-called purgeable free space introduced by Apple since MacOS Sierra. Previously, the integration task would simply be cancelled although the actual free HDD space available would be sufficient to complete the task...

    When APP thinks that there is not enough space for an integration task, APP will no longer simply cancel the task, but it will give the user 4 choices 😉

    1. Before continuing with the integration, you can free HDD space yourself and then continue.
    2. Let APP test the actual HDD space requirement by creating a temporary file of 105% of the space needed for the integration. This goes very fast and it will actually test if the integration would be possible... this is the solution for APP users that are plagued by the purgeable free space on MacOS.
    3. just ignore the warning and let APP continue...
    4. cancel the integration task

(please disregard the actual numbers for freespace in the image below, it's a popup triggered by testing this)

MacOS purgeable Free Space Solution

  • IMPROVED, CALIBRATION ENGINE, SEPARATE DARKS ACCORDING TO EXPOSURE TIME, a new setting has been added to 2) CALIBRATE, the calibration engine. You can now elect to bundle all of your darks of different exposure times into 1 masterdark or have masterdarks created according to the different exposure times. Realise that darks of different ISO/gain, filters and/or sessions, are always treated separately to create different masterdarks. The setting is called: separate darks acc. to exposure time (see screenshot) and will be enabled by default.

Separate Darks According To Exposure Time

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