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Dealing with the New Mega-Satellite Constellations  


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January 26, 2020 16:27  

Good morning! Vincent, thanks for your devotion to the forum - hope you and Mabula have a great time at Astrofest.  I expect one of the hot topics will be Starlink and the other upcoming mega-satellite constellations and their effect on astronomers. I wonder if people have ideas on how best to deal with this situation as astroimagers. Both in terms of imaging techniques and processing techniques. More and shorter subs, more dithering, advanced rejection algorithms for example? Might be a topic to bring up with Mabula in terms of APP. Maybe he’s already thinking about it. 

thanks, Wayne

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January 27, 2020 18:11  

Thank you Wayne, that's very kind of you! Mabula is in London already, I'll be joining this Thursday and won't be here till the Tuesday after that. It'll be my first astro-event I actually go to. 😉 Going to be fun.

Well Starlink, isn't that the hot topic indeed. Personally, I think it'll be fine for a while, dithering and simply stacking with outlier rejection will fix a lot of the issues. It becomes another story when the sky will be really full of them, but I wonder how much of an issue that will really be. There are great concerns for radio astronomers for sure. You might get an idea about the difficulty when imaging M42, which is full of geo-stationary satellites. Here's an little article about that;