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Creating A Bad Pixel Map and flat frames

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I am in the process of making a Good Bad Pixel map using 100 dark frames of 5 min subs at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C for my Nikon D5300a. As it also needs flat frames so I am a bit confused. Do I need to separately use flat frames for the broad and narrow bands? Or there is no relation between Bad Pixel Map creation and flat frame bandpass (broad band or narrow band)? Mostly, I use either a UV-IR cut filter or a dual narrow band filter. First I will make Bad Pixel Map using Broad Band Flats.

Please let me know.


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Not really necessary to use different filters, just use a broadband flat. And you can create one from just a few dark frames, best is to make them as bad as possible (in the sense of a warm sensor and long exposures). A BPM is not going to hurt your data, it just corrects what it could detect if there.