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Bad Pixel Map  


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April 3, 2019 23:12  

I am trying to figure out what files are needed to create a bad pixel map.  In Sara Wager's video she only uses darks and flats.  But when I try doing that I get an error message saying that a Master Flat cannot be created without an appropriate bias frame.  Or something to that effect. 

Certainly the interface has changed since Sara's video.

What is really required?

Also, if I have a OSC camera I assume I need to have the "Force Bayer CFA" box checked in the Raw/FITS settings?




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April 4, 2019 10:50  

For a BPM you need Bias and Dark signal (preferably a long dark) and flats to be able to detect cold pixels. I'm not sure if your darks already had bias substracted or that it was changed since the video, but to be safe you can just add the bias separately.

You shouldn't have to use the force option, APP normally sees this automatically.