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Bad Pixel Map for ASI183MC

Brown Dwarf Customer
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The ASI183MC (like many) has a fair amount of amp glow that shows in the darks.  I tried making a Bad Pixel Map using 30 Darks and 30 Flats, and the BPM clearly had most of that amp glow marked as hot pixels.  I used the default value of 3% hot pixels, and 10% of median for cold.  

That doesn't seem right...  Any ideas how to do that correctly?


White Dwarf Customer
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Hi David

Same camera here. I leave BPM setting on automatic and have no problem with getting a clean pixel image.
You should not get any amp glow showing in your BPM - IMO
Did you use only darks and flats, not darkflats? I would try to incorporate darkflats and see what result you get.


Quasar Admin
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Even though that does show up in the BPM, I don't think it's an issue (as far as I know..), a BPM never degrades your data, so it won't correct pixels that are not showing up in your lights basically.