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Using pre-v1.082 tutorials  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
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October 26, 2021 21:06  

I'm a VERY new user of APP, and also learning image processing at the same time.  When following the (excellent) tutorial on M 20 (Multi-channel/filter processing in APP 1.061) I was not sure how to translate some of the settings. The most puzzling was the difference in the integration settings, specifically the value(s) of kappa.  APP 1.061 has kappa and number of integrations, while APP 1.082 requests kappa low and kappa high.  What would be the proper low and high values? Would it be better to use automatic instead? 



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October 27, 2021 12:10  

@pafnooty Hi Ed, welcome to the forum. With the newest versions of APP (1.082 included) it indeed is better to start with the automatic settings. Only if and when that isn't sufficient, you should start setting your own settings.

HTH, Wouter