wrong using Flats?
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wrong using Flats?

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Hello everyone.

I have something wrong with the flats in the calibration process.
I use Flats, Master Dark and MasterFlat for calibration.

Because it doesn't do what I want properly, or I'm just a bit stupid to understand it correctly

here the comparison of the only strached output pictures

  • first:

without APP - nice flatted

Cal+Stack by DSS, some streched & Color balamced by PS

  • Kal + Stack DSS   strech + just PS

  • second:

with APP - only pollution gradients?

cal by DSS, then integrate wirh calibrated Lights only

  • third ---> MY PROBLEM:

only used APP (cal, stack, normalized, integrated, streched) - strong vignetting? 

  • M 52 46fr lpro LPro session 1 nur mit APP


and the Flat:

MasterFlat Gain90


I dont removed any gradiends


It is made up of 43 x 300s. RGB frames (ASI071MC Pro) Gain 90, Offset 65, -15°C near fullmoon

I left all settings at default


Maybe someone will recognize what I'm doing wrong


Thanks a lot 🙂


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Difficult to tell as I don't know DSS myself. I can check the data to see what's going on if you want, if so, please upload like 10 lights, 10 darks, 10 flats, 10 bias (or darkflats) to our server (please use the login and password provided below):