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Suggestion for preserving state of light pollution boxes

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Something that I've often thought about while working on several iterations of reducing light pollution during post-processing has been wishing you could save or preserve the state of the chosen boxes and location on an image to re-use on images of the same object during one session.  I know saving different states is a current priority, so I thought I'd bring up that this would be very helpful and a time-saver.

I'm a GIS developer and I'd do this by saving the state, bounding box XY and feature type, to a feature class either in RAM or writing to whatever DB or temp file is used.  The RAM option would be the simplest and the user could simply be asked when a new image was loaded whether they wanted to re-use the previous session's boxes.


Thanks as always.

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Sounds interesting, I'll pass it on to Mabula.

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@slaughters85j This would be great!! Sometimes I have many boxes, and to recreate them for every filter is a real pain.

CS, Robert

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Hi John @slaughters85j@robsi,

Thank you for your request 😉 It is already on our ToDo list to make this possible, so will be added going forward !


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