M31, whats possible...

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M31, whats possible?  


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November 30, 2018 12:46  

Hi Mabula,

im Testing APP and i like to know whats possible with my M31 Data.

I try the Software and its very good, better than DSS. The Colours are much better, but the Star Colour Tool is a bit complicated, for me :-).

Maybe you give my Data a try.

Here is the Link:  removed link

Sorry for my English, im from Germany, i hope its okay.

I take the Lights with my Canon EOS1000DA, a 150/750 Skywatcher PDS Newton and my H-EQ5 Pro Mount.

I dont take Darks, because im Dithering. The Question is, what Settings works best with Dithering? I use Sigma Clipping with Kappa 2 and 3 Itherations. I try many but only with these Settings, i dont get the typical Pixels in the Image. You know, what i mean?

A Esprit 80 ED Triplet is on the Way, so i can handle larger Nebula and M31 in the future. 

Maybe you let me know your Workflow. I think i buy the Software :-).

Thanks and Greetings, Markus

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December 19, 2018 02:50  

Gutentag Markus,

Sorry for the huge delay, Mabula was on a holiday during this time and I happened to be extremely busy as well. 🙁 You can check some workflows in the Video tutorials section on top of the site.