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Integrate data from different optics produces huge files

Brown Dwarf Customer
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 Hi, I am trying to integrate data from different optics (Step 3 Register: same camera and optics = false).

Reading the tooltips in Step 6) Integrate, I tried to configure the intergration process as recommended in the description. Unfortunately I now get huge integrations (~2,7 GByte per session) which will take hours to finish and a warning will pop up that the resolution will be scaled to ~0.7 due to memory limitation (10 GByte or RAM).

The sessions are based in 480 mm and 1.645 mm focal length - each with the identical camera (OSC) but different filters, 55 images in total.

Unfortunately I do not quite understand what I do wrong in the Integration setup the data will be that big. My goal was to use the tool tips to avoid artefacts on starts an imaging borders.

Can you please check what I can do better in my integration process (see screenshots)?

integration 01
integration 02


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I would first try the integrations with leaving the options on automatic. APP will choose the right settings, unless you see things you want to set manually. Did you assign the correct filters to the lights etc?