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Channel integration is ruined when adding new channels

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I am imaging M57 with different filters, both narrowband and wideband.

When I integrate my Ha 3nm channel only, I get a good result, with good dynamic range showing gradients and details (see attached image).

M57 Ha only

But when I add to the project the other two channels, which has a significantly stronger signal (Green and Oiii-7nm) - I get a very bad integration of the original Ha data (integrated separately of course) - it is "flat" with almost no gradients and details

(see attached image).

M57 Ha with stronger channels aside

My understanding was that I should get an identical outcome of this channel, but it seems to me that the Ha processing is somehow influenced by the other channels (normalization perhaps?) that were added. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong that is causing that and what I should do in order to change that. Your assistance is appreciated.



(P.S. I am working with version 1.083 beta)

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@assafh Please try at least the latest stable release (1.083.4 for Windows or 1.083.2 for Linux/macOS) or the 2.0.0-beta1 and see if the issue remains. Many bugs were solved since then, including bugs that may explain the behaviour you see.