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[Sticky] How to access data on your network/NAS/SMB/.. shares with Astro Pixel Processor on MacOS  


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February 25, 2019 22:26  

The File Chooser panel in Astro Pixel Processor does not directly show you, how you can access the data on network/NAS/SMB/..  shares because normally, they need to be mounted first for Astro Pixel Processor to be able to access the shares.

The best solution to get problem free access to the network/NAS/SMB/.. shares is to have them mounted automatically when you log in to your MacOS operating system.

This information was provided by:

Automatically Connect to a Network Drive on Mac OS X Start Up & Login

  • First make sure that you can access the network share with Apple's Finder. If you can access the share it means that the share is mounted. Once mounted, you can add them to your Login items to have them automatically mounted on login.
  • Setting Up Automatic Connections to the Network Drive on Login:
    1. Open System Preferences and click on “Users & Groups”
    2. Select your user name from the list and then click the “Login Items” tab
    3. Drag & drop a mounted network drive into the login items list
    4. Optional: check the “Hide” box to keep the drives window from opening on each login and boot


This can be used to automatically connect to and mount SMB drives for those that need to share files with a Windows PC often, though you’ll need to enable SAMBA beforehand within File Sharing preferences.

Confirm the drive will automatically mount by logging out of the active user account and logging back in, or by rebooting the Mac.


In Astro Pixel Processor, you will find the network shares with the File Chooser panel under the folder

/Volumes/[Network Share]/

[Network Share] should be replaced by the name of that particular share 😉

Set Network Share Mounted On Login
Access Network Share In APP On MacOS

Please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding accessing network shares.

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June 15, 2019 17:35  


I want to access an external USB-C drive and I thought that this post would be the solution to the problem but... I have followed the directions and external USB-C does indeed show up as a Login item when I open System Preferences on my Macbook but I do not see the drive when I try to set the working directory in AstroPixel Processor.  Things like OneDrive and DropBox show up but not the external drive.  FYI the file path is Users/myname.  How would I add the external drive to the file path?

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June 15, 2019 17:42  

Never Mind 🙂  I found it, it is now under the /Volumes 


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June 15, 2019 17:54  

I like these kind of posts that solve themselves. 😉