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Enable choice for output colour working space  


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January 16, 2021 00:36  

Just noticed that this is the right place to make feature requests. I note that I can only choose between sRGB (v2 and v4) and Adobe RGB when I save out my processed imaged from APP. It would be so great if users can be allowed to save out images in any colour profile of their choice, which can be loaded from the profiles directory of whatever OS one is using. Most raw conversion software support this, and PixInsight has more choices too. My primary motivation is that in many wide-field and also deep sky astro images, the subject's dynamic range is huge; there are a lot of stars that are very bright and near or at clipping. The additional gamut headroom of larger colour spaces is good to help prevent clipping of these colours, which can then be later compressed in a pleasing way into a smaller output space, for printing let's say, or sRGB for the web. But if these colours are hard clipped at an early stage, they will be lost forever and may not look as good as one might like. There may be other reasons to use colour spaces other than sRGB or Adobe RGB, maybe DCI P3 space if you are on MacOS (Instagram supports it now from iOS devices I gather) or if one is creating HDR images that are in Rec2020 colour space for HDR displays/TV, etc.