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January 20, 2021 00:21  


After more than 2 years using APP, I think it's time for me to share my little feedback.

First, I really like to thank Mabula for this great software and for the improvements over the years, listening users.

Thanx also Vincent and Wouter for there help and following all the topics !


What I really like in APP :

- it's easy to use, and it's very efficient and robust. From calibration to integration, results are high level, has good or even better than those obtained with other softwares.

- The gradient removal tool is amazing. I especially like the iterative way it works.

- And of course, the mosaic function, that made me know APP. Such an easy way to make seamless mosaic. What a great work here.


What I like less :

- As a MacOS user, when the screen saver or sleep mode starts, APP stops until the computer wakes up.

- The crop function isn't very friendly to use, nether the color calibration (for me at least).


My suggestions for improvements :

1 - Gradient removal tool :

 - the ability to manually remove placed boxes

 - the ability to apply gradient removal to several images that have been previously registered : it would be useful to remove gradient for Color, Ha and OIII extracted for example, or for different integration results, or to remove gradient before stacking.

2 - Mosaic :

A preview for mosaic projection would be great, working with panel thumbnails for example, before working with full panels.


I haven't tried the comet registration yet, but it's a nice addition.

The coming star reduction tool seems to be great.


Thanx again for this amazing work that makes astrophotography processing more easy.

I can't wait to try the next release !