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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.036.0  


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Astro Pixel Processor 1.036.0

  • SPEED, all data interpolation algoritmes are further optimized. Especially Lanczos has a huge speed up, a factor of 300%. This will increase stacking speed of lights frames significantly.
  • SPEED, OPTIMIZATION, all coordinate transformations (in registration engine) have become much more memory friendly, increases speed by reducing overhead.
  • IMPROVEMENT Nearest Neighbour and Bilinear data resampling are now optimized for downscaling operations as well.
  • IMPROVEMENT Image viewer now properly shows images with a correct downscaling algorithm. Result, images look much less noisy and rejection maps have much better visibility for airplane/satellite stripes.
  • CHANGED, IMPROVEMENT auto DPP parameter calculation is much faster and the stretch parameters are a bit more conservative. The background target is now set at 0.175 of the data range. It used to be 0.25. And the dispersion target is now at 5 * dispersion, used to be 3 * dispersion.
  • SPEED, drizzle integration is now a lot faster (about 4x times) by optimizing memory usage and data lookup.
  • FIXED, drizzle now works correctly in compostion crop mode.
  • FIXED, registration, the multiple view complex distortion modelling can hang when the "same camera and optics" option is turned off, in the case of data which really needs this setting to be turned on or when all the light frames have a very similar field of view. The regression seems to hang, because the regression keeps finding better solutions, which are unstable and unrealistic solutions.
  • NEW, normalization, you can now save your normalized frames, with or without registration parameters applied. Requested by Dominique, (so you can normalize your data and use Adaptive Airy Disc debayer on RGB data before doing comet alignment with DSS or PI, since APP doesn't have a comet alignment option yet...)
  • FIXED,  preview filter 8bit saturation error (mabula)

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