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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.035  


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May 6, 2017 13:08  

Astro Pixel Processor 1.035

  • FIXED memory leak in creation of master flat calibration
  • FIXED sometimes when creating a stack, the required HDD space isn't shown
  • FIXED old image is properly removed from image viewer when a new image is loaded
  • FIXED star analyser crash when no star intensity profile was possible to fit, happened when an image is severly moved and the star analyser initially finds stars but an actual fit is not possible.. (Jos)
  • FIXED details selectbox above image viewer now always works.
  • SPEED, star analyser speed is now almost twice higher, by preloading the next image while the previous image is being analysed.
  • SPEED, registration, multiple frames are now registered simultaneously depending on the amount of CPU cores in your system. This applies to normal and mosaic mode. Previously, only 1 frame at a time was registered. So this module now takes better advantage of your cpus 😉
  • FIXED memory usage file mapper for stacker. The stack engine now has much more efficient memory usage. Improves speed and very little memory is now consumed by the stack engine. Should improve performance significantly with big stacks.
  • FIXED No under/over shoot in pixel interpolation was not shown in l-c-registered and l-c-r-normalized image viewer modes, is now shown.
  • FIXED bug in flat calibration, where a masterflat is loaded that has an incompatible amount of channels compared to the light frame. User gets a proper warning and the masterflat isn't applied.
  • IMPROVEMENT support for sky flats, master flat integration now supports the use of sky flats. So flats of the same iso/gain with different exposure times are now integrated into 1 masterflat.
  • FIXED, 32/64 bits FITS with max values < 1 are now correctly interpreted.
  • FIXED, minimum screen resolution is reduced to 1280x600. APP should now work properly on screen resolutions of 1280 x768 and 1366x768 which a lot of laptops have as maximum resolution. The bottom file list panel should be displayed properly now.
  • CHANGED default outlier rejection filters are now set at 1 iteration, kappa 3. This is the most conservative setting. Only increase kappa and iterations if needed.
  • NEW in batch modify tool, data can be converted to 8bits & 16bits integers or 32bits floats. Usefull for conversion of 32bits master calibration frames (from PI for example) to 16 bit. (Why create 32bits masters if the data to calibrate has only 16bits of information? 32bits masters won't improve data calibration on 16bits light frames, it will only take up space on your harddrive)

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