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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.037  


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Astro Pixel Processor 1.037

  • CHANGED outlier rejection kappa value range extended from 1-3 to 1-5 (Kees)
  • FIXED, Star analyser cancel triggers null pointer exceptions ! Fix it.. (Rob)
  • FIXED, super pixel modus gives problem with resampling, takes very long (Mabula)
  • NO FIX NEEDED When selecting a number of LIGHTS files (but not all) in the file list and press Calibrate ALL files are recalibrated instead of the selected files only… (Rob) More investigation revealed when I select light1.tif then all light1*.tif files are processed… When you click on the create calibration masters button, APP simply shows all files are ready for calibration using the CA Mark in the frame column. The file selection has no influence in this case. However when you save the calibrated files, only the selected files are calibrated and save.
  • CHANGED FIXED - "create calibration masters" button is renamed to "calibrate" . This button is pushed for calibration automatically when you click on "save calibrated frames". The calibrate action will create calibration masters and /or apply the master calibration frames to the lights.
  • CHANGED, setting a new work directory opens the file chooser at the old user directory, not at the OS user directory.
  • CHANGED, when a user directory isn't selected yet and you click on loading a frame or when you start a tool, APP automtically asks you to set the working directory first. The "set work directory" button is now only needed If you wish to change the working directory.
  • FIXED ,disable image viewer mode dropdownbox (linear, l-calirbated etc..) when working in a tool. Otherwise it triggers an error (Rob). Solution: the dropdown box is disabled when in a tool.
  • FIXED, unchecking files in the filelist during saving registration files is causing java error. (Rob) Solved, when a process is busy, you can't select/deselect files in the filelist.
  • SPEED,  5) normalize, enabled preloading of images in normal normalization mode, so CPU cores are used more efficiently. And the calculation speed of lokation, dispersion and noise parameters has improved by 25-50%. Normal normalization mode should be almost twice a fast now. Advanced normalization mode wil be faster by 20-30%.
  • FIXED, if you remove the reference from the file list after star analysis, registration failed since there was no reference present. APP now automatically chooses the best available frame as a new reference frame based on the quality estimate after star analysis. (Maurice)
  • FIXED, in some cases, using dynamic distortion correction, a parameter instability can occur for one of the radial parameters in the 2-View complex distortion models. This parameter instability is now detected properly in both on/off settings of "same camera and optics" and the solution falls back to the simple model which gives the best solution in this case. The multiple view (N-view) solution will now be stable for the complex model as well giving the best registration RMS. (Maurice)

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