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December 1, 2020 04:53  

Tried to fix vignetting but not sure what happened, bottom pic is a 30 second sub the the next pic is a stack of 60 with darks and bias, did not have flats. The first pic is after correction.

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7A4AE5FD DF4D 4E00 862A 3709885A9166


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December 1, 2020 12:37  

So that is sometimes tricky indeed. What I did in the past (when I didn't have flats yet), was to first calibrate all my lights with darks and bias (bias being 0.02 seconds at the minimum) and save those lights (tab 2, first calibrate, then go down and select to save them). Then I would load 1 of those calibrated lights and use that to make an artifical flat. Then I load in the calibrated lights again and use that flat to correct.

I think the important step was to calibrate the lights first with darks or bias. Of course the best is always a real flat.