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Unable to view saved file post APP  


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17/07/2019 11:47 am  


I am new to APP I’m obviously still learning the system.

my question is why can I see the files after they’re saved into my work folder, yet they are visible and can be opened in APP ?


how do I export the files so I can see them and open them up? do I need to do some king of publishing to make them viewable?

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17/07/2019 3:21 pm  



What format did you use to save your files?  

APP offers three options currently:  FITS, TIFF and JPG.   If you want to use say a Windows app such as Photos to view your saved image then you should consider JPG or TIFF.  I use TIFF (16bit)  when I want to further process my image in eg Photoshop.  You will need to use a more specialised app if you want to save, view and onward process FITS files.