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Star analysis  


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27/02/2019 9:40 am  

Hi. I've been taking a series of images at 60s exposure, 600 gain. When I look at the FITS files plenty of stars are visible yet APP says analysis failed lower the KAPPA figure. I have all the sliders for the star analysis on the lowest settings already. 

What else should I be doing?

Thank you

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27/02/2019 9:42 pm  

Hi Charles @charles-thody,

I think you should first try to upgrade to APP 1.071, the star analysis module got a big upgrade in that version. The kappa slider is no longer there even 😉

You can download the latest version by logging in:

My account -> downloads

And you can also find download links here:

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Please let me know if APP 1.071 does work on your data.

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