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Mosiac result - creating a whirlpool result in the stack

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Hi @Mabula-Admin and team, 


I am  trying to do a mosiac, but keep getting this odd swirl in the middle of the stack.  


I have tried to stack as one whole integration and also as individual panels and then mosiac, but I am still getting the issue.

In Registration I have it on Mosiac - and then follow the prompts to adjust the other settings.  In Normalise I have the settings as advanced. 


Any clue here.




Look forward to hearing your ideas on the problem.

I had this issue once with 1.082 

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Hi @darshna,

You need to make certain that if you create the individual mosaic panels, that you don't enable dynamic distortion correction to start with. Whirlpools are a mathematical instability caused by enabling dynamic distortion correction where it is not needed.

Then when you make the mosaic, make sure that you set the star count in 3) Analyse stars to at least 1500-2000. Then try to register the mosaic.

Let me know if this helps.