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Memory question + GPU acceleration

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I'm building a new PC for a remote observatory that also will do the stacking, as we will be using the new 60MP QHY I will use an 8-core i7 (is there any benefit going i9? ) So question on memory 32 GB seems like a minimum, but I want to be sure that it will not run out, is there any benefit to over dimension, will APP use for example 64GB ...

Second, we heard about GPU acceleration since a year now, what GPU would benefit the most AMD or NVIDIA? It all depends on the libraries used ... so any hint would be much appreciated.





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If the mosaic is huge then the more memory the better really. You will always have a case where it still won't be enough but with 64 that will require a biiig dataset. In the end you would need to chop up a project into multiple parts as the memory limit is... limited.

APP is going to use the Vulkan API, Mabula mentioned this a while ago indeed (maybe sometimes it's better not to do that as expectations run high then). But it is something he's putting a huge effort on in the next months. Vulkan is supported by both AMD and NVidia as far as I can tell on the compatibility list linked to in the wikipedia.