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2022-08-17: APP 2.0.0-beta3 has been released !

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windows 2.0.0-beta3

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Ergonomic suggestions

Hydrogen Atom Customer
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I like the new multi-screen set-up – much better! I’m a long-time user and my experience is that the software works very reliably and predictably.

But I do have a couple of useability suggestions.

The first relates to readability of the fonts used on control buttons and tabs. Generally, you have very thin fonts in a very light gray against a half-strength white background. Such low contrast makes reading tricky for me. This might be an aging astrophotographer’s problem, but it is a real one for me. I would appreciate a choice of 2-3 colour schemes for the program. For example, standard (the existing one), plus medium and high contrast ones.

The second relates to the placement of the “execute” button for various tools. Generally, it is at the bottom of a long list of options fields, which always requires a page scroll to reach it. Would you please consider putting it near the top of the lsit to obviate the page scroll need?

The last one concerns the image displayed after a file SAVE. I keep getting tripped up by my logical expectation that the image I just saved is the one in the viewer. However, it remains the originally loaded one. I usually discover this when I complete the next tool step (eg CBG to CSC) to find that the file name about to be saved is the one before the prior save. This requires me to reload the first saved file, reprocess the tool step againa nd save again.

Can we have an “autoload option which, when selected, will automatically reload the just saved image into the viewer?

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Molecular Cloud Customer
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+1 for these suggestions particularly the last one. I have been using APP for about 18 months and have the impression that earlier releases did do an automatic reload of the just saved image.No?Yes?

Quasar Admin
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Thanks for the suggestions, I passed them on.