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Different algorithms for multi-channel/filter/session processing

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I have a five session project where four of the sessions were shot with the L-eXtreme filter and 1 with just UV/IR. My goal was to end up with three master lights: one for the UV/IR session done with Adaptive Airy Disk and two from the L-eXtreme sessions done with both extract Ha and extract OIII. I have everything neatly loaded into APP with channel/sessions assignments and "integrate per channel" selected, so I was expecting that APP would ask me which sessions I want the chosen algorithm to apply to. Instead it normalizes and integrates all of the channels with the chosen algorithm. So I end up with unwanted integrations of either my L-eXtreme sessions done with AAD or my UV/IR session done with extract Ha or OIII. I realize that changing the algorithm requires re-normalizing, but then I would have expected to have the option for the normalization to be done by channel also. It seems that I'm going to have to deselect lights appropriately for each pass rather than using multi-channel magic. Am I missing something?

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No that works like intended, however is indeed not what you want. In your case you need different APP sessions to use the algorithm of your choice and then later register and normalize those results in 1 new session. Good one for me to ask Mabula about though, might be nice to make that easier if possible. The sessions are needed when you have different flats per session for instance, but for the same type of data.

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