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APP crashing during Integration. No Error Message

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1.082 was crashing randomly when I was trying to integrate a session I had done.   

I upgraded to 1.083 and its still doing it,  very very frustrating,  never used to do it, but has been in the last couple of months.   It can never get through integrating.   I thought it might have just been the session I was doing, but it has been happening with different frames etc.  

I have over 200gb free on HDD.   32mb of ram.   It was set to use 24 and i changed it to 20 to see if that would make a difference.   It didnt. 

I have it using 5 out of 6 cores. 

Are people coming across this as well?  How do i fix it?



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Mm, and this is always the case, independent of the data you load in? Is it just completely disappearing or does it produce an error?