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Just realised what takes so long with APP

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It's star analysis - as in, every time I want to try a different stacking approach, I not only have to load up all the subs and calibration files again, and make all the changes to the settings again, APP also goes through the star analysis again.

This is tedious. PLEASE could we have:

  • Some sort of default and/or project settings saving. At the very least, save the working folder location, plus ideally all settings for a project, including the number of CPU threads to use, default locations for calibration files, etc, so I don't have to set them every time (I actually have a macro that opens APP and makes all these changes for me, takes 13 separate adjustments to get it all set up how I need it each time).
  • Some kind of file set saving, pointing to the subs and calibration files, allocated to sessions and channels etc, so that if I want to try something different, or make a mistake, I don't have to load them all up again.
  • Some means of star analysis storage, perhaps saving the results as a txt file per sub so that APP can read it, and only performs a new analysis if the file has changed, thereby making the whole thing much faster.

These are all present in DSS and make it easier to use - quite apart from which, I'd imagine they'd make it easier to test APP too! As it stands, even though APP has been around a while, and gives good results, without usability features like this, it still has a sort of beta feel to me.

And can we please change that bell tolling sound?

And we can also please have a user guide, which I can see has been requested for years now? And can that also be written by a technical author (which I used to be), not a developer (which I also used to be)?

Thanks, Brendan

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The next release will focus on saving settings etc. You can also save your registered frames and later load those in again and then select to skip calibration, star analysis and registration. So some is already possible, but we're working on all the other issues you pointed out.

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