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BlurXterminator support/integration (or equiv)

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No need to “renew” APP license is lifelong. 

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@tempusfugitxxii As mentioned above, the full manual will be released with the full 2.0-stable release on which we're working at the moment. The big promises were explained in earlier threads, Mabula had a difficult time unfortunately and this caused some delays, however since we've moved on to a new development platform etc. everything is moving faster. We're still a 2-man operation and every user has their priorities for development, we'll keep working on our list of features and these will arrive, PI ofcourse has the advantage of way more years in development (and thus users who create video's and even books) and 3rd party plugins. In the end, you can always decide what to do and we wish everyone success in the hobby, no matter what software is used.

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@Vincent-mod There is a new free software that is also good as Blurxterminator. It called Astrosharp, still in development but also a good software like Blur. i am going to try that out.

Maybe is a that a good software as a plug-in for your APP???

see this video and there are more of them who test it out.

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