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31 July 2020 - Comet Registration video tutorial using APP 1.083-beta1 released.

30 July 2020 - APP 1.083-beta1 has been released introducing Comet processing! This 1st beta has comet registration. The stable release will also include special comet integration modes.

9 July 2020 - New and updated video tutorial using APP 1.081: Complete LRGB Tutorial of NGC292, The Small Magellanic Cloud by Christian Sasse ( and Mabula Haverkamp

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Another LRGB question  


White Dwarf Customer
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September 24, 2020 17:55  

I was struggling to combine my LRGB images, which are new to me.

After 3 failures due to some sizing error that I don't completely understand (the first time, I failed to check the multi-channel/multi-session boxes for 2 of the 4 filters, but the 2nd 2 tries, I did and still got the error), I finally got APP to stack by integrating all 4 filters from scratch simultaneously.  This yielded a result, but one so bad that I actually forgot to save it!  Ha.

But the final stacked image was still B&W.  When you integrate each channel and all,  and it combines everything, should I get some kind of color result, or do I still have to go back and combine the separate channels?

Quasar Admin
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September 25, 2020 12:53  

I'm guessing you have a mono camera? If so, you should be able to load them with just assigning them to the various filters. Not necessarily sessions as that is only really handy when you want to assign multiple different flats that differ between the nights. If the flats are basically the same across the sessions, you can load the L, R, G and B and assign the calibration darks/bias to all of them and the flats per filter. That should produce separate integrations per filter which are registered and normalized against each other. Does that work?