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2023-01-19: APP 2.0.0-beta13 has been released !

!!! Big performance increase due to optimizations in integration !!!

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Unable to load multiple files with 'shift+arrow' after upgrade to Ventura

Hydrogen Atom Customer
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I've encountered a strange problem, which seems to have popped up after I upgraded my Mac Studio to macOS Ventura (Note: I also renewed my APP license and 'upgraded' from APP 2.0.0 ARM64 M1 beta 4 to 2.0.0 beta 6).

When trying to load multiple Lights from a folder with many files, I can only select one file at a time, or multiple when keeping the command key pressed and selecting them one by one using the mouse.

Keeping 'Shift' pressed and using the 'option + arrow keys' to select all files at once does not seem to work anymore in APP (while this DOES work in e.g. Finder).

Anyone else seeing this?


Galaxy Customer
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@jbazelmans Hi Jos,

I haven't tried this yet on Ventura. Do CMD-A and CTRL-A still select all files?

Thanks, Wouter

Universe Admin
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This may be different as the file list needed a bit of an update regarding selection of files etc. It's not the same as you have on the MacOS system completely, but like Wouter mentioned, I assume Ctrl-A still works.

Hydrogen Atom Customer
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@vincent-mod Okay, that update you mentioned may explain it then. And yes, CMD-A and CNTRL-A still selects all files so this is only a minor annoyance - and encouragement for maintaining a clean workflow which groups lights, darks, etc in separate folders. 🙂 

Thanks for the feedback.


Quasar Admin
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Hi all,

We think that we might have a fixed Astro Pixel Processor version for macOS Ventura. Can you all try the following 2.0.0-beta7test version and let us know if this solves it and works properly?

intel hardware:


new M1/M2/arm hardware:


Release notes for this version:


Looking forward to your feedback!