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Swan with 50mm and barndoor  


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July 25, 2021 18:01  

Hi folks,

driving my familie around eastern Germany I used the few quit good nights to make a mosaic of the swan. For there is not enough room for four people and hightech astro-equipment I only took my Barndoor an a 50mm  Yashica f1. 4 lens. 

The moon was a little bit harsh on the last tiles on the right, but I'm pritty happy with the result. 

In total I made 11 fields with 20*1Minute exposure time. Off course flats and darks as well. 

Schwan 50mm Feld 1 11 RGB session 1 lpc cbg SC St~2

My try to integrate additional pictures of ngc 7000(135mm) and the veil nebula (200mm)weren't succesfull. I allways get the error that the registration of the two frames failes. APP suggests to increase the number of analysed stars, but I allready set that on 10000.

Has anyone an idea how I can solve this Problem?

Best regards Guido