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Cygnus Constellation | Multi-Pane Mosaic

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Cygnus in 6 Pane Mosaic

Just down the road from the Milky Way's core, the Swan high in the night sky...
Many familier targets, North America, Pelican, Gamma Cygni, Cygnus Loop (Eastern & Western Veil) and many more nebulae (Try to find M27!) lay hidden in this darker region of the MW Orion-Cygnus arm...

6 Panes, 25 exp each (except 15 for one of them), 120 sec each.
Canon 6D (Ha Mod) / Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro L IS USM (ISO400, f/4)
iOptron CEM25P / ZWO ASIAIR Pro (Plan Mode)
ZWO ASI120MM-s / MiniGuide Scope

AstroPixelProcessor (calibrate/integrate/stitch)/Pixinsight/Photoshop

Astrobin link:

Bortle 2-3 Location
Har Ha'Negev, Israel

Timelapse from that night:
6 Hours MilkyWay TImelapse

CygPanes LNC 1 8 DBE web



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Splendid! Very nice signal and sharpness!

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I like the image a lot, very natural looking.