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2022-01-07:  APP 1.083 has been released !!!

1.083 Windows 64bits download

1.083 MacOS 64bits download

1.083 Linux DEB-64bits download

1.083 Linux RPM 64bits download

  • new Star Reducer Tool
  • 15-30% speed increase in processing
  • introducing Comet registration
  • support for new camera models like Canon EOS R5,R6
  • Greatly improved HSL Selective Color Tool
  • New Batch Tools
  • New File Saver Module with PNG support

Comet Leonard - C/2021 A1  


White Dwarf Customer
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November 30, 2021 13:49  

Had a couple hours left after shooting targets last night so i grabbed an hour and a half of Leonard.  Didn't realize how fast it was moving.  With 5 minute exposures the core is a trail, not the stars.

211130 Leonard 19@300

Quasar Admin
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November 30, 2021 14:01  

Beautiful, my first object when I started was comet Lovejoy, so cool to see the green glow. 🙂