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Antares / Rho Ophiuchi Comples (Nikon D750, Sigma Art 135mm f/1.8)  


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June 14, 2020 10:53  


this is my frist stack using APP - I was formerly using Deep Sky Stacker.

DSS failed to do a perfect align in the corners, since I was using the lens at f/2.8 (star quality not perfectly round in the corners).

APP aligned everything perfectly, which was the reason I purchased this software.
I believe everybody giving APP a try should use the most troublesome images for stacking and see for the results.

About the picture:
Nikon D750 with Sigma Art 135mm, f/1.8
Tracking with Astrotrac, post processing with APP and Photoshop.
Stack of 100 exposures of 2 minutes each at ISO 800 and f/2.8.
I took the exposures during 2 nights in 2017 in rural Upper Austria.

Hope you like it!

Best regards!

PS: The picture was stacked using LNC and maybe it looks just a bit too flat. I will probably try again disabeling LNC.

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June 14, 2020 13:17  

Oh that looks lovely! Thanks for giving APP a go and liking it. 🙂