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13 panel composite, almost 36 hours total

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Seagull Nebula (IC2177)
35 hours and 40 minutes total integration of 214 six-hundred second exposures.
120mm refractor, 0.6x reducer, L-eXtreme dual-band .7nm Ha OIII filter, ASI294MC camera. ASIair Pro controller, EQ-6R mount, ASI120mm guide camera, EAF, AFW. -10ºC, 120 gain.
Individual panes calibrated, normalized, registered, and integrated into thirteen pane composite with photometric color calibration, star reduction, rotation, crop and post-processing all in Astro Pixel Processor.
IC2177 Seagull Final 214 600s  10 Lextreme
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That is awesome! Mosaics like this used to take hours or even days of fiddling around. 🙂