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Processing comet with new APP 2.0.0-beta 13 release

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I tried processing comet C/2022 E3 using APP 2.0.0-beta 13 and have two questions/comments:

  1. Using this new beta release, APP asked me to “click comet nucleus” for every single frame (during the “comet/one-star” registration). In the prior release this did not happen. If memory serves me correctly, of the 67 frames, I only had to confirm comet nucleus 5 or 6 times in the last version.  Is this change intentional, a bug, or something that I have done incorrectly?
  2. Are there any new “local normalization settings” recommended for processing comets using this new release?
  3. Are there any specific tools or settings to minimize (or even eliminate) star trails from from the comet registered integration?

Thanks in advance for any input and guidance. 

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1-2; is this the same dataset you tested for the previous versions that did work? In principle nothing changed in that feature versus beta 13 I believe.

3. Not yet really, you can play around with rejection settings, but it's not ideal. Mabula is going to work on making this nicer.